This is so smart. Christine is totally going to get at least 1 jury vote. PHENOMENAL MOVE.She’s totally doing everything to win for her husband. So smart.


I hope he follows Helen’s footsteps.


Cody nominates Donny and Nicole. He gets Pandora’s Box and puts Battle of the Block twist back in the PoV. Donny and Nicole wins it and Christine and Frankie loses. 


A twist is supposed to cause a wave or at least change the direction of the game.Team America has not done anything. Twists like “Instant Eviction”, “Diamond Power of Veto”, “Pandora’s Box”, “Coup de’tat” are huge twists and I don’t see Grodner using any of those. 


And yet he’s not taking advantage of the opportunity to weaken Derrick’s numbers by evicting Cody. SUCH PLAYER. MUCH GREAT.


You’re supposed to be nice to the freaking jury members. No matter how well you played the game. Just act nice to them you dipshits.


It is so impossible to shake up the house now. It should be in the middle of the game where people can be divided not when a 5 person alliance is still on the final 6.



Its not that I’m ~boycotting BBUS. It’s just that I’m over BBUS. Their casting has gotten so bad, they play favorites and not even for the good people, Diary Rooms are 80% lines fed to them and so not authentic, their twists are lame and hardly even twists in the first place, it’s not entertaining…

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honestly i hope victoria makes it to final two, because everybody in that house thinks she’s clueless and that they can just use her until they don’t need her anymore then just throw her out.

she is not clueless, i think that she is a whole lot smarter than she lets these guys think. i’m really rooting for her to start winning comps, because i would especially love to see frankie/caleb/derrick out at the hands of victoria.

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me as a prom dj

"time to slow things down a little blt"

*plays crank dat souja boy (acoustic version)*

(via circumcising)

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